Is user generated content just another marketing trend or can it up your content marketing game?

With the focus of social media marketing turning toward quality content, more brands are discovering that user generated content is a powerful yet untapped resource. Studies have proven that user generated content is trusted by consumers more than brand copy across all social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, and YouTube. The copy takes no internal resources to generate, and it’s always on-brand innately. But unfortunately, it isn’t available by traditional content management systems.

To attract and retain consumers, brands are redefining the ways they use social media networks. In an effort to further engage customers and encourage user generated content, today’s marketers are increasingly utilizing audience submissions, onsite reviews, hashtag marketing, and interactive contests.

Furthermore, brands are creating their own user generated content instead of having paid media. This gives them full reign over the content and they also have complete control over the lifespan, tone, and distribution of the data.

User generated content isn’t just another marketing trend with a short shelf life. It’s here to stay. It helps brands overcome a plethora of content curation problems and turns viewers into customers.

It’s imperative that brands learn how to harness the power of user generated content. Whether for hashtag campaigns or content aggregation purposes, user generated content can help a brand further engage with customers and provide them with an organic storytelling experience about a company’s products, services, and mission.