Telefonica is one of the largest and most prestigious telecommunications companies on the globe. Operating in more than 21 countries, the company currently services more than 316-million accesses around the world. With superlative mobile, fixed and broadband networks, along with a progressive portfolio of digital solutions, Telefonica is continually proving itself to be the world’s leading “Digital Telco.”

To monitor content from the social web and gain insights easily and efficiently from their community, competitors, and influencers on a content level, Telefonica solicited Crafted to create a digital news reader for its top management and employees. The Social Reader, powered by the Crafted Content Cloud, envisages, tracks and shares real-time stories and information on content level for the company’s managers.

The social hub, styled in a sleek, easily navigable magazine design, continuously provides fresh, up-to-date information right to the devices of Telefonica management, enabling the company as a whole to leverage extra data and gain insight on their brand and industry at an executive level.

The Crafted Content Cloud is the power force behind the customized single-view news reader. Employees can sort and filter through information by date or topic, allowing them to easily find what they are searching for in an efficient manner. Telefonica’s marketing team has full reign over the content and experience of the digital magazine, permitting the company to provide up-to-the-second customized corporate content to its employees, resulting in an optimized work force.