Here is what brands can learn from star’s social marketing secrets to boost their presence

It was the tweet heard around the world, and now Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie is not only worth an estimated $800 million, it has also set the standard for social media marketing. Hollywood is a notoriously competitive environment, and celebrities need to maintain continuous relevancy with fans to stay in the spotlight. Many have turned to social media to engage with their audiences through creative techniques – and brands can do the same. Here are some content marketing methods companies can glean from celebrities.

User generated content is shown to be more powerful than reviews. To promote consumer loyalty to your brand, you need to develop a relationship with fans. Katy Perry did just that during her 2011 California Dream tour by displaying relevant fan tweets on the Jumbo-tron during her live concert performance. Not only did this enable her to get feedback on the show, but it reinforced fan loyalty.

You don’t have to repost customer tweets on the big screen. Simply prove that you’ve acknowledged their tweets or statuses by reposting them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, or YouTube.

Make your fans feel like they are part of an exclusive club by offering limited content to them on your social media accounts. You can do this by creating a hashtag campaign or creating premium content that users only have access to if they provide their email or “like” your page. Famous personal trainer Jillian Michaels offered visitors free workout and diet tips and enjoyed positive results.

Interacting with consumers makes the experience a more personal one and keeps people talking about your brand. Lauren Conrad from MTV’s The Hills forms deep connections with her fans by asking questions and engaging them through social media and her blog.

To ensure that you’re getting the results you want from your methods, utilize a content aggregation page that expertly provides you with content curation services over numerous social media accounts and hashtag strategies.