Learn the difference between leased media and owned media and how to harness the power of both for your social media marketing

Last spring, Facebook made international headlines due to cuts to the organic reach of content marketing brand posts. Many well-known companies and celebrities voiced their discontent. But what many forgot was that they lease space on the social media empire – they didn’t it.

Owned vs. Leased

Owned media is a web channel that the brand controls, including websites and blogs. Facebook’s shifting business model was a wake-up call to marketers who have lumped their social accounts with their owned properties. While many of us assume that we own our Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ or YouTube account, we really are all just leasing space.

Create a Solar System of Owned Media

It’s imperative for brands to create a channel over which they have full reign. Owned media can produce brand portability, enabling you to extend your presence across the web via content curation platforms. Adding social tools to a site – including blogs and customer ratings – is still a powerful way to engage audiences through relevant interactions and produce user generated content.

It’s important to adapt your social media marketing strategy to focus on less external accounts and more on driving traffic to your own real estate, such as your website, blogs, or mobile app. You can have complete control over your reach and still enjoy the benefits of social communities.

Whether you want to produce a relevant hashtag marketing campaign or content aggregation, remember to make your owned media the center of your campaign.