Based in Munich, Germany, Crafted is a commanding content aggregation platform of social media, cultivating conversations and content streams in real-time from multiple channels across the web, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Flickr and blogs, to create a stunning expression of a brand’s social media presence in an easy-to-navigate social media hub.

Just 18 months after débuting with only two clients, leading brands worldwide have turned to us to use real-time social content to help drive engagement and interaction on web and mobile platforms. Some A-list clients on our roster include Audi, Porsche, DHL, Siemens, Sony, BNP Paribas and Deutsche Telekom. Also, we are proud to report that we have processed and curated more than 100 million pieces of social content that have flowed through the Crafted platform and delivered more than 40 million pieces of social content to multiple digital surfaces to power clients’ social media projects.

The steady growth can be attributed to our technological innovation, strong partner ecosystem, proven client success and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our team is continually inventing new content and social media products and approaches to optimize our clients’ social media campaigns and web presence.

We recently introduced our newest Content Cloud release boasting numerous features, including an exclusive Command Center where brands can view and moderate all aggregated social content, spam and noise filtering, content groups, multi-language detection, content marketing campaigns, content embedded widgets and on-ground amenities.

The new-and-improved content curation platform provides clients one single platform where they can easily view and moderate all of their cultivated social content from across all social networks and accounts, enabling companies to have full reign over their content marketing projects and social media campaigns. The progressive Content Cloud also offers a visual management experience to ensure complete control over every single post for brands’ moderators, providing an easy and intuitive aggregation and publishing experience with an impressive built-in content management system.

In a world where nearly two-thirds of online adults use social media sites daily, there are endless possibilities to engage and interact with a target audience and provide them with on-brand social experiences that help to expose them to a company’s products and services. Our innovative new Crafted Content Cloud enables companies to have complete control over their social media campaigns, while reaching only the consumers they want to reach all around the world.

With successful campaigns for Porsche, Audi, Wolford or DHL and more, we earned a reputation as being one of the most trusted, effective names in social media content curation platforms. Backed by a team of committed and expert individuals, we have not only reached impressive milestones within only 18 months, but we will continue to provide amazing services and products that companies can truly depend on.

If you want to become part of the Crafted experience, please shoot us a message or request a demo.