Today’s digital world is saturated with irrelevant social content and continuous chatter across all social platforms. Before a company can enter the arena, they need to have an efficient marketing campaign in place in order to step up to the podium and be heard above their competitors. We provide brands with such a podium in the form of our remarkable Content Cloud.

Crafted, based in Munich, Germany, provides the next level of social media content curation to marketers worldwide. With a sophisticatedly powerful content aggregation platform, our innovative platform brings together relevant social media conversations and content streams from around the web to create a sleek, engaging expression of our clients’ social media presence and content marketing campaigns.

We recently introduced the progressive Content Cloud to fulfill a growing need of world-class clients, such as Audi, Porsche, Siemens, Sony, BNP Paribas and Deutsche Telekom, which are turning to us to utilize real-time social content to drive user engagement on web and mobile platforms. Only twelve months after our initial launch with just two clients, we serve a robust inventory of businesses, including two of the most recognized automotive brands in the world and more than doubled revenue during the same period.

Top brands from a variety of industries are now recognizing the opportunity of creating a convenient social media hub, to capture on-brand conversations from fans across a diverse range of social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, Flickr and blogs, and integrate them seamlessly into their marketing efforts in order to promote engagement and activate their audiences, promoting social buzz and increased sales for their brand. Our inventive platform enables brands to cumulate and filter social conversations from across the globe to build safe and controlled social experiences for targeted market groups that incorporate anywhere the brand exists. The Crafted Content Cloud also provides a brilliant interactive brand experience for companies, resulting in increased revenue and online presence.

During the past 12 months along, we have processed and curated more than 30 million pieces of social content, streaming them through the Crafted platform and delivered more than 10 million portions of social content to multiple digital surfaces to power clients’ social media projects.
Our immense growth is driven by state-of-the-art technology, resilient partner ecosystem, commitment to customer satisfaction and proven client success. Our team of professional experts continually originate new content and social media products and approaches at an extensive pace.

We provide an extensive list of superlative services to our clients, ensuring that they optimize their social presence and stand out from their competitors. Included in the list of our high quality services is a personalized social hub to perfectly embody your brand’s online presence and amplify chatter about your company, innovative #hashtag campaigns proven to drive participation and engagement via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and superb content marketing, a smart method to pull fresh social content to a brand’s website to engage audience.

Backed by a force of the most innovative minds in the field, we are committed to providing our clients with stellar services that enable them to create a strong online presence and draw in potential customers. With the new and improved Content Cloud, businesses can rest easy knowing that all of their relevant social content can be found in one, navigated social hub, enabling audiences to hear their story easier than ever before.

With 30 million pieces of social content and counting, we have proven ourselves to be a worthy contender in the social media marketing amphitheater, providing well-known brands with the tools they need to tell their story in a gorgeous digital gallery that embodies their mission.