Wolford AG, a leading Austrian fashion label offering deluxe hosiery, exclusive lingerie and high-end body wear and distributing its products in more than 60 countries, sought a fresh new face to showcase its brand. In order to find the new “IT” girl, the company decided to initiate a photo contest on Instagram to find the new Wolford Fashion Girl, driving participation and engagement with the hashtag campaign #WolfordFashionGirl.

Crafted created a customized content platform for the apparel company to cumulate all of the images on Instagram that utilized the #WolfordFashionGirl hashtag, resulting in a clean, contemporary tiled photo wall that updated in real-time via its streaming API on the brand’s microsite, giving Wolford complete control over the content of the contest.

The participants who entered the photo contest posted a picture of themselves on Instagram using the appropriate hashtag. The Crafted Content Cloud enabled the community to vote for their favorite entry in real-time. The more “likes” and “favs” a respected image got, the higher they placed on top of the list of the overlaid gallery.

Once the contest concluded, Stephanie Williams was appointed as Wolford’s new ambassador. She was promptly whisked away to a glamorous event in London on January 29th, 2015.

The Crafted Content Cloud allowed the company to easily and attractively display contestants’ photos in real time, resulting in an elegant tiled gallery where participants could effortlessly see the winners and vote for their favorites, enabling the company to create a communal experience for its audience and find a new gorgeous set of gams for its brand campaign.