Hyundai is quickly becoming a contending force in the automobile arena. Now one of the five largest auto manufacturers on the globe, the forward-thinking company recently launched their new i20 model. With a seductive new style and tons of innovative extras, Hyundai needed a social media campaign as sophisticated as its new generation of cars is.

As part of its launch campaign, Hyundai set up an influencer campaign and recruited 40 test drivers to test-drive the car on the Gruner & Jahr platform „Markenjury“. A social media hub based on the Crafted Content Cloud was created in parallel, capturing posts from numerous channels, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for all the participating influencers.

The Influencer Hub, powered by the cutting-edge technology of the Crafted Content Cloud creating a new way to optimize content marketing strategies. Here Hyundai i20 fans can experience the Discovery Trophy and how the sporty five-door car has been hailed as one of the top designs of 2015 across the blogosphere and on social media.

The Crafted Content Cloud enabled Hyundai’s influencer marketing campaign to be a smashing success. The influencer hub was laid out in a clean, contemporay digital magazine-like gallery, constantly updating in real-time and giving Hyundai‘s marketing team full control over the content and experience of the influencer contest.