CSU, the Christlich-Soziale Union, is the most notable political party in Bavaria. Headquartered in Munich, the prestigious group wanted to share its latest political convention in real-time with a digital audience as the affair unfolded live on stage.

To simultaneously showcase the real-life event with online spectators, CSU enlisted the services of Crafted to provide them with a custom built social hub that streamed content live to the convention and displayed it on the big screen during the event. The Crafted Platform made it easy to capture the best social content from the CSU Parteitag event and display it as a beautiful and engaging social display for the big screens and also on TV monitors.

The social media hub reeled in user-generated content curation using the hashtag #CSUPT14 from numerous social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. The Crafted Content Cloud also delivered an unprecedented content curation experience in a striking magazine-like gallery, implementing into the party’s website flawlessly to allow audiences to participate firsthand via the web.

Powering social content live to the monitor from numerous platforms, the Crafted Content Cloud also acted as the backend-job while Angela Merkel, Federal Chancellor and Prime Minister Horst Seehofer, spoke live onstage. CSU had complete reign over the content displayed, and the Crafted Social Content Management System allowed users to easily navigate the media hub.

With the Crafted Content Cloud, CSU was able to share its political convention with people who were unable to attend the actual event, and also bringing the excitement right to their monitors in real-time action.