Audi is one brand that stays true to its ethos – “Progress through Technology.” In its ongoing commitment to provide its target demographics with the content they crave, Audi is dedicated to driving innovation not just through their vehicles, but also in their content marketing campaign. With the use of the Crafted Content Cloud, Audi was able to bring an irresistible storytelling experience to its audience, with the technology of an interactive digital magazine.

The Audi Social Reader feeds the company’s target demographic right at the heart, boasting relevant, real-time brand content from multiple corporate social channels, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest, in addition to pertinent partner content from high-end auto magazines like Auto Motor Sports in one, convenient social hub.

Based on an individual concept for Audi, Crafted created a 100% customized front-end to gorgeously display the content from different media platforms in one handsome social media hub. The striking result is The Audi Social Reader, a stunning digital publication powered by the Crafted Content Cloud that streams API, exposing audiences to systematic brand content from the company’s numerous social media podiums.

To heighten the user experience, consumers can sort and filter content based upon individual interests, sources and format. The pilotable full-text search feature makes it easy for users to navigate the site, enabling them to have exactly what they want right at their fingertips. Users can also browse through past catalogues and content by date by simply selecting the date they want to view as the Crafted Content Cloud also commands an extensive archive. Users also have the ability to subscribe to their individual RSS feeds that are configured on the social hub, resulting in a truly personalized experience.

The Crafted Content Cloud provides Audi with a convenient content curation hub, allowing the company to offer its targeted demographics with an exquisite digital platform that engages and enhances readership.