You probably know that Pinterest is a big deal. A-list brands worldwide, including Better Homes & Gardens and Syracuse University, have experimented with running contests on Pinterest. The third most popular social media site behind Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest enables you to launch a successful social media marketing contest that can boost your presence and even spawn potential leads.

Ask for One Entry

Pinterest encourages businesses to ask for quality over quantity from their contestants. Rather than asking pinners to submit multiple pins, persuade them to submit one high quality entry. Not only will this result in high quality user generated content, it will make the process of selecting a winner simpler too.

Create a Pinnable Image for Promotion

In order to get more contenders, you need to get the word out there about your contest. Since Pinterest is image-driven, choose an awesome photo for your contest that includes great colors that really pop, your logo, and also a call-to-action.

Share this image across all of your social platforms, including Google+ and YouTube. Also make a relevant and unique hashtag for entrants to use, and blast out an email informing your email contact list about the contest. Consider cross-promoting your contest via a content curation platform across other social media accounts.

Make a Landing Page

When you ask for comments on Pinterest, it’s considered spam. The best way to avoid this and boost engagement is to create a separate landing page for your contest. This is also an ideal spot to cover rules, terms, and prize info.

Keep Track

By using a content aggregation platform, you can measure the success of your contest, in addition to brand mentions in your hashtag marketing campaign. Contest participants can also view the contest in a real-time storytelling experience, furthering engagement and excitement.