Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 12 months, you probably know a thing or two about the success of Buzzfeed’s candid approach to content marketing. According to their recent Insights Report, How Technology is Changing Media, the secret to Buzzfeed’s success is viewing a homepage much like social feeds and delivering high-quality content users have a need for.

The millennial generation relies on social networking sites for both work and play. They follow the world’s conversations in real-time social feeds – not homepages. Whether the content is regarding Somalian wars or dancing cats, every one of Buzzfeed’s articles is designed for sharing. Buzzfeed truly invests in its content to make it perform optimally on both mobile and social media platforms.

Mobile Marketing

The key to understanding Buzzfeed’s success is being aware that audiences are becoming more habituated to ever-changing social media feeds as opposed to stagnant homepages. This not only impacts content management, it sways your entire digital marketing method. If your targeted market craves real-time feed and your website and mobile platforms are delivering a stationary homepage, you could be losing tons of traffic.

According to studies conducted by Google and comScore, the majority of digital media consumption takes places on mobile platforms. Not only are consumers using their mobile devices to search and review sites, they also prefer mobile apps over mobile sites. Millennials are the driving force behind this new trend, spending more than five hours daily on their smartphones. Two out of three Buzzfeed readers view its content on mobile, so all of the company’s content is created for mobile first. And with mobile share rates more than doubling Buzzfeed desktop shares, it’s evident that they must be doing something right.

Content that Meets a Need

The company also meets a need within their audience by supplying content that enables them to better identify with a brand and its story. Buzzfeed’s content may seem simplistic and trite, but still water runs deep. The company uses innumerous measurement, testing and analytics to test which titles and themes are most likely to be shared, and each piece of content is scrutinized to see where the traffic came from.

In order to create content that entertains and engages, you need to understand a central truth about your target market and their perception of your brand. The content must meet a need – whether that is to entertain, educate or call into action.

To grow your brand’s presence, you need to create your content management platform with mobility in mind, while providing engaging content users want to share. Crafted’s ingenious content curation and publishing platform curates a podium where your audience will enjoy real-time stories. At the center of Crafted’s method is their Content Cloud, a single social media integration tool that enables you to see and moderate all aggregated content from across your brand’s social networks and accounts. This fully responsive content management system interface can be accessed from anywhere at any time, allowing you the flexibility to manage all social platform content while in your office or on the go using any mobile device.

To increase your web traffic, Crafted’s innovative content tools allow you to add real-time feed and social applications to your sites, including real-time comments, tools social media, live blogs and widgets. Clients can easily create #hashtags, content, keywords and prompt snack-able conversation that audiences will immediately eat up on their mobile devices and share with their networks, amplifying buzz about your brand and products.

The days of content marketing including simply SEO, whitepaper and blogs are long gone. Brands need to keep abreast of how audiences consume content, and this not only means exploring new media platforms, but creating a simpler, streamlined strategy to update all social media services while delivering informative, attractive content to consumers. Crafted’s social hub and content curation software does just that, making it easy for you to pull fresh social content to your site and engage audiences on a real-time level with content they need and want.

In 2015, mobile use will completely trump time spent on desktops. It is critical to produce a handsome, mobile platform that uses enriching content in real-time to keep users coming back for more on their own accord. With Crafted’s social aggregators, you can easily manage your brand’s presence in a mobile driven world.