If digital marketing required us to only deal with a handful of social network sites, our ability to promote ideas, goods or services would be considerably easier. In the recent past, there has been saturation in the social media networks available to the common internet users. The main issue of concern is that brands which require online promotion to the more educated consumer have become increasingly difficult to channel. This rise in the number of online communication mediums has fragmented, diverted, spread, and scattered the consumer market.

According to recent studies, one fourth of the world’s population uses some kind of social networking platform. So, almost 1.8 billion people are posting on Facebook, pinning on Pinterest, tweeting on Twitter, publishing their videos on Youtube, posting their photos on Instagram and communicating in one form or another on the countless social networks or on blogs. Brands have to put in extra effort to remain updated with recent developments in online communication mediums and understand which modes are trendsetters that can fight their way through the online jungle. The following are 6 trends in online communication that will map out the successful route to online marketing:

The Smartphone Evolution

The smartphone has made communication more personal than ever. With advancements, such as geo-targeting, now sellers have to place apps (smartphone applications) at the heart of their online marketing campaigns. This medium allows for relevant marketing to be personalized for targeting the right consumer with the right goods and at the right time. Social networks do not simply upgrade regularly. No, they are in a constant state of fine tuning and refining to be as user friendly as possible. This also encourages current and up to date information to be communicated in marketing messages.

Inclusive Social Marketing

In 2014, we experienced video ads on Instagram, video advertisement on Facebook and more variations of Twitter cards will continue in 2015. This shows a rise in the ability of marketers to include brands as part of various social networking platforms. Globally the most relevant ones are Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, not to forget the social sites Vine, Google+, Flickr or Soundcloud as well as VK.com for some very specific regions like Russia.

The secret to the success of online marketing will depend on the quality of accurate and relevant promotions which reach out through social networks, emails and apps. The key will be to interconnect the various modes of communication to turn the whole elaborate web of social networks of the internet into a medium to reach your target audience. Another step in the future will be to understand the consumer’s interactive behavior online to predict where possible marketing campaigns will prove successful online.

Online Video Networks

YouTube and Flickr, among other video communication websites, is the most valuable tool for online promotions in the future. Visual and audible filming allows for communication that impacts more senses with the right perspective. So, accurately designed communication to the target market can affect the emotional appeal of the consumer. Instagram allows for marketers to create promotions in a manner that they can accurately appeal to the target market.

Social Commerce

In the last year, we saw the development of new methods of social marketing. We saw Twitter cards for products, various campaigns on Pinterest, like the multichannel Nordstom campaign that attempted to provide value to customer by appearing consistently on all online mediums, such as email, social media as well as the mainstream media. Sales achieved through social networking have also been introduced via the “Buy” button tested out on Facebook and Twitter.

The time has come that social networks and producers of consumable goods and services will be able to combine their efforts through improved efficient modes of promotions on social platforms. However, this could result in the reduction of the personal touch provided by social networks.

One on One Communication

Social media marketing will now take a step towards direct messaging mediums online. This can include personalized messaging through Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype and not to forget the Asian dominated social sites like Tencent, Sina Weibo, WeChat, Line or Kakao Talk. The edge marketers will have with this mode of online marketing is the rich variety in which verbal data will be promoted. Social media marketing possibilities can include creating icons in the beginning to more sophisticated online advertising campaigns later on.

Flexible Marketing

This is all about communicating the right message to the right audience at the right time. The aim should not be to only go viral but also be able to relate to consumers to get the right reaction, which is to make a purchase. This year will see a detection of trends in social media to relate the right marketing campaign with it.

With continuous advancements in online interaction, such as wearable technology, the online revolution is having a strong impact on consumers’ perception. There has been a rise in more anonymous communication via social networking modes as “independent rooms” on Facebook. Marketers will have to be careful in making sure they do not threat online consumers’ privacy in the manner in which they promote goods online. There is an interactive chain by which marketing is promoted online. One markets a store that sells a specific brand which has a certain logo. The chain in branding promotions is an endless cycle.