Crafted is the next generation of social media management, providing a beautifully choreographed content curation platform that gives brands the tools they need to create audience driven, real-time stories. Our innovative Content Cloud brings together conversations and relevant content streams from various social media platforms around the web, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Flickr and blogs, into one gorgeous embodiment of your brand’s web presence of narrative.

After months of diligent testing and coding, our team of top-notch tech experts found a social content streaming sweet spot. We are proud to announce the first release of our brand new Content Cloud, featuring tons of smart amenities that help brands and marketers speed up the deploy of real-time social media experiences for their audiences.

Our cutting-edge new release is the amassing of months of vigilant and time-tested work by our team. Our content curation platform offers numerous new features to pull together real-time streams from social media content across the web and visualize them in pleasing and inventive ways.

Your brand’s social media aggregation and publishing will be made easy due to the Content Cloud´s innate content management system. The highly refined algorithms and filters help to sift out all irrelevant content, leaving only on-brand content that perfectly suits your concept and is appropriate for your target audience.

When you become a Crafted customer, you will be able to enjoy a variety of exclusive accommodations, including your own private cloud system. As your business grow or needs change, we will gladly grow your cloud server in a matter of minutes – even if it means just bumping it up temporarily to handle a planned spike in web traffic. We’re committed to ensuring that our technology caters to your level of needs, no matter what stage your company is in.

If you’re a JavaScript ninja, we encourage you to dive right in and make your brand presence stellar. Our experts will provide you with detailed documents and lend a hand in case you get stuck. If you’re looking for something a bit more turnkey, we’ll do that as well. Whether you want us to piggy-pack off of your design or have us handle the entire project, Crafted is here to help every step of the way.

We’re able to integrate all of your social media content to your website or online shop effortlessly, helping you to create a one-stop-shop for all of your brand’s social feeds. We are is passionate about helping brands take charge of their websites, campaigns and live entertainment with visually pleasing content experiences that result in a breathtaking expression of your brand’s social presence.

Our Content Cloud incorporates flawlessly into your site, mobile app or TV to provide an enriching, engaging experience for your targeted audience. Our state-of-the-art platform delivers perfectly curated feeds using RSS/Atom feeds, JavaScript, XML and JSON APIs.

The new and improved Content Cloud provides a flexible yet robust platform to easily facilitate audience and consumer interaction in a relevant, moderated way that is proven to deliver measurable results that you will truly notice. We also provide our customers with a content curation and publishing platform that gives brands all of the tools they need to deliver audience driven, real-time stories.

Some of the world’s leading brands and agencies already trust in our services, including Audi, Porsche and DHL, to provide them with outstanding social media technology to create revolutionary online projects.

Based in Munich, Germany, our team of professional analysts, coders and creatives are dedicated to working closely with you to come up with a social media content cloud that perfectly suits your company’s needs. We will help to pull fresh social content to your brand’s website, online store or mobile app to engage your audience, strengthening your web presence and solidifying your position in the ever-changing world of social content curation and marketing.