We are still the new kid on the block when it comes to social content curation platforms. But since our launch 12 months ago, our revolutionary content curation platform has produced more than 30 million pieces of social media content and has landed such A-list clients as Audi, Porsche, Siemens, Sony, BNP Paribas and Deutsche Telekom. Bringing together relevant social media conversations and content streams in real-time from a variety of sites from across the web, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, Google+ and blogs, we enable brands to share and engaging storytelling experience with their fans using on-brand content in real-time.

We would like to extend a sincere thanks to our partners and clients who have helped with its journey in creating and improving our newest release of the cutting-edge Crafted Content Cloud. Utilizing honest feedback and support from partners and customers, we are able to deliver an impressive new version that delivers curated social media content better than ever before, providing necessary marketing tools that help brands showcase their story and social media presence. After months of vigilant coding and testing, our team is proud to announce the new release, featuring tons of new features for social content aggregation and publishing.

The Content Cloud now features an exclusive Command Center that offers clients one single and easily navigable space where they can view and moderate all of their aggregated content across multiple social media networks and accounts. The Command Center also offers an inventive visual management experience, ensuring complete control over every post for a brand’s team of moderators.

The exciting new release also provides many new features to pull real-time feeds of social content across the web and envisage it in engaging, aesthetic ways. Some of the thrilling new features include:

  • Spam and Noise Filtering, which keeps a brand experience on-message with automatic and custom profanity filters
    Content Groups, to easily segment similar and relevant content by market, vertical, product line or whatever caters to a business’s services or products
  • Multi-Language Detection, organizing content from all aggregated social sites habitually by language, allowing brands to expand their online presence to global markets
  • Identify relevant content, helping businesses learn where their fans are and engaging potential consumers with shared content to thoroughly tailor a brand’s content marketing strategy

With the fresh release of the Content Cloud brands can now seamlessly integrate social content on any digital inventory, giving them the ability to oversee and influence content remotely from one single platform. The new release also provides forward-thinking solutions, including:

  • Social Content Hub, gorgeously embodying a brand’s online social presence and narrative
  • Social Campaigns, offering contest and crowdsourcing to flawlessly trigger and drive user generated content
    Content Embedded Widgets, to easily pull social content to a brand’s website or online shop
  • On Ground, enabling and triggering a business’s ground audience for social conversation

Now more than ever before brands can trust in a single platform to deliver optimal marketing results, increasing not only web traffic, but revenue. With the brand new Content Cloud, companies can enjoy a time-tested, results-driven product backed by a committed team of experts.

Based in Munich, Germany, we have proven ourselves to be a powerhouse social marketing media platform provider, enabling companies to enhance their web presence and engage effortlessly with their target market groups.

With a creative staff of coders and driven professionals, we are like no other company out there, offering amazing products and reputable customer service.

To learn more about our new Content Cloud just reach out to us and request a demo.