Growing social participation on social media platforms is encouraging businesses to aggregate content and create a single destination, or a “hub,” for curated social content that supports marketing, SEO and PR objectives.

Streaming user-generated content and social updates in real-time to your brand’s social media hub enables your audience to share more of your feed, resulting in increased views within your targeted market. Social media relies on interaction, and a social hub brings all of your various social platforms together, ensuing in optimized results that encourage your audience to converse across multiple platforms, spreading your message to even wider network circles.

Using a socialhub brings a new dimension to your social marketing campaign. At the center of your hub’s orbit should be your company’s website. Social networking sites, along with blogging, content creation, SEO and lead generation should all be essential elements of your hub. Knowing how to create an efficient hub for your business and use it effectively is critical if you want your brand to be seen.

Manage Real-Time Interaction

Just as with game-goers getting excited about having their face shown on the projector at sporting events, your audience loves seeing their updates on the big screen. One smart way to integrate social marketing campaigns or events is to show audience updates across multiple media platforms. This is especially effective for promoting trade shows, concerts or any other highly attended event.

Keep tabs by curating posts and updates so you don’t accidentally share inappropriate user statuses. You can also encourage users to vote for a specific product or service your business provides by using a specific hashtag and then showcasing the live results on your feed. This promotes audience participation and enables you to further engage and interact with potential customers.

Audience Participation

As stated above, audience participation is a great method to engaging your targeted market audience. You can take advantage of your media hub by adding timeline-style social network feeds to your site. This way you can track hashtag-powered contests, giveaways or sweepstakes that you conduct, client reviews, client selfies of them using your product, or create interactive live event screens. The more your brand interacts with its audience, the deeper the connection will become.

Blogging for Business

Blogging is the lifeblood of the inbound marketing process. Adding consistent, engaging and high quality content on your blog draws new visitors and brings back old ones over time. Remember to always provide compelling content that is valuable to your targeted market. It’s critical to first optimize for humans, and then for search engines.

Get Your Message Across

A content hub is also an incredibly simple and efficient way to share your message in a much wider scope than distributing on individual sites alone. Your social media hub creates a core for your campaign, where users can come for the latest updates within your company, industry or niche.

Having all of your social networking sites connected to a central pivot helps to quickly funnel stories and updates throughout different platforms instead of just one, allowing your message to be seen by far more people.

Organization is Key

In order to further optimize your social media hub, you must keep it organized. Crafted’s social media integration software brings all of your content to one easy-to-use platform so that you can easily manage your content in one place.

A highly effective social hub is also a highly maintained one. Not being able to update all of your platforms in real-time can keep potential customers from seeing your message. Crafted’s Content Cloud can filter out the noise of your competitors and bring your message to the center of the stage, easily allowing you to maximize your brand’s social presence at your office or on the go.

Having a well-organized and highly interactive social hub makes online marketing campaigns much easier. A hub incorporates all of your social media platforms into one extremely effective method for reaching customers.