In the world of modern day marketing, more and more brands are turning their efforts to social media and user generated content to increase both their presence and revenues. One effective way to interact with fans across Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter is to promote a contest that encouraged engagement. Get more tweets with these three tips for a Twitter contest.

1. Map It Out

Prior to launching your Twitter contest, it’s important to formulate a blueprint of how you’re going to promote it and what your goals are. Consider what you want to achieve from the contest so that you can properly figure out how to run it. Do you want to gain more followers? Are you promoting a new product? Knowing what your expectations for the contest are will help you determine the right plan of action.

2. Use Filters

You cannot choose a winner if you can’t find who participated in your contest. Set yourself up for success by creating streams specific to your contest. This can include relevant hashtag marketing or even asking users to include a @mention of you in their tweet. This way, you can clearly keep track of all entrants and run your promotion in a more efficient manner.

3. Measure Results

To find out what you did right and what you could improve upon, keep track of your metrics. Track your contest hashtag using a third party app, analytical platform, or content curation site. This way, you can see all of the relevant content aggregation in real-time streams to find out when and where your brand was mentioned. A content curation platform can also provide a storytelling experience to your users and allow them to see their own tweets during the contest on the big screen.