Fans don’t stop being fans when the season is over – 2nd screen platforms and content marketing are keeping viewers engaged all year round

Many TV show fans know all too well about the blues they suffer when their favorite series go off-air for the season – or entirely. Many series utilize social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, to engage fans during the broadcast. But on-demand providers are enabling viewers to keep chatting about their beloved shows even when the season ends.

HBO, Netflix, and Hulu are only some of the platforms that allow people to tune in to their shows on their own time. HBO was one of the first to use this kind of non-season social media marketing. The company focused on acquiring fans across a wide array of social platforms. Instead of simply making a hashtag marketing campaign or contest, HBO harnessed the power of content marketing lessons they learned from each series’ particular fanbase.

From Google+ and Pinterest to Instagram and hashtags, broadcast companies are turning to user generated content to keep the buzz going about their shows. Other brands can learn a lot from these techniques to garner their own audience and further engage potential customers on content aggregation platforms.

It is critical to give the consumer what they want on their own time. Informative and entertaining content that truly speaks to your targeted market is imperative if you want your brand to thrive online. Create a storytelling experience by taking hints from your social network and content curation circles. This way, your fans will tune in year round.