While many brands are choosing quality over quantity, traditional advertising methods are still important for social media success

Marketing tips and tricks change with the times. When banner ads ruled the world, marketing success was measured by clicks. Today, social media marketing and user generated content have fundamentally changed the way audiences consume content, leading to brands choosing quality over quantity.

While engaging and informative content across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, and YouTube is essential, traditional advertising metrics, such as clicks and impressions, are still very important in measuring the success of a campaign.

While quality, earned content buys your brand time spent on its website, companies still pay for media to increase page views. Though there is a value in paid media, there are numerous benefits to offering audiences with earned media, bringing them credibility and fostering real conversations and engagement.

Here are a couple of benefits earned media has over paid media, and why quality content aggregation is key.

  • Earned media helps to drive customer engagement. This means that more people are focused on interacting with your brand and sharing hashtags or statuses with their social circles, increasing your social network.
  • The conversations are organic. Natural interaction, instead of marketing jargon, leads to customers having a more personal storytelling experience with your brand, encouraging them to visit your website again.
  • It’s more targeted. While pad media casts a wider net, earned media enables you to zero in on your target market.
  • From hashtag marketing to content curation, it is vital for a brand to concentrate its efforts on quality earned media rather than generic paid content.