Ever since its debut in 2004, Facebook has been the go-to social media site for people of all ages. Recently, top brands have noticed and are turning their marketing efforts away from traditional adverts to Facebook and other social networking sites. Along with Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, and Pinterest, social media marketing has become a way for companies to connect directly with consumers, engaging new fans and increasing revenue. One great way to interact on Facebook is to have a contest. Here’s how you can set yourself up for success with contests on Facebook.

Adhere to the Rules

Like anything else in life, to be successful, you need to follow the rules. Facebook has a stringent policy for contests, so be sure to read their rules carefully. In addition to adhering to Facebook’s rules, create your own terms, conditions, and eligibility requirements for contestants.

Promoting and Call-to-Actions

Be sure to start promoting your contest well in advance on your blog, website, and other social accounts. When promoting, always include a call-to-action to drive more traffic to your site.

Notify a Winner on Your Site and Post a Picture of the Prize

One of the rules on Facebook is that you aren’t allowed to notify a winner via their site. Why not use this opportunity to drive more traffic to your brand’s website by announcing a winner on a specific day right on your site? Including relevant and stimulating calls-to-actions can also generate leads.

It’s also a smart idea to post an image of an awesome prize on your site. Give away something that is pertinent to your brand that your fans are bound to enjoy.

Measure Up

Keep track of your contest metrics and mentions by using a unique, brand-appropriate hashtag. You can also utilize a content curation platform. Here, you can see content aggregation in real-time from across all of your social media platforms. This type of platform also provides your fans with a storytelling experience of the contest.