When one comes up with content marketing strategies, there are many things they need to keep in mind. The fact is that there are countless sources with varying points of view that lead to content marketing success. To market content in a way can be considered a gamble as we don’t have a surefire method to understand the online consumer behavior patterns (e.g. what one online consumer in certain region would find appealing and an online consumer in another region might find appalling).

The key is to understand the end user, what their objectives are and how to become a solid source for them. That´s the fundament to start your storytelling and content strategy.

These are the four keys which are essential for successful content marketing:

Tracking Results

You need to figure out if a given content marketing attempt was successful or not. One can learn if their content strategy was successful by using tools such as Google Analytics and Web Master. They need to be encoded to be able to track the ROI for certain web page content or any other kind of content based communication.

This way, a content marketer can learn the value one content marketing approach delivered for them. After gaining sufficient rise in ranking, do not make the mistake of working on any content strategy without knowing if it is achieving the required result. A person has to set targets and check how well they have succeeded in reaching them. All content marketing strategies require they be tracked to evaluate results.

Advanced SEO

This requires a lot of effort in keeping up to date with new algorithms introduced by Google or the concerned search engine on which the content needs to achieve a certain rank. You have to know the latest trends to create and implement your content marketing strategy in order to achieve the required ranking.

Even though content marketing no longer considers keyword optimization to be as important to achieve a high ranking, the fact is you should never make the mistake of neglecting keyword positioning in content for marketing. SEO’s need to come up with an effective keyword lists which they need to incorporate in their content marketing strategy. Due to tools like Google Keyword Planner, this is not difficult at all. One can find tons of information which they can use for content marketing that informs where communication is low and where the search volume is high.

Keywords are like bait for fishing. However, there are rules we need to be up to date with as Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird which are already outdated. Keeping updated with recent changes in search engine algorithms is among the more difficult tasks. However, the fact remains we all have to follow the rules to succeed in implementing effective content marketing strategies.

The most basic factor which surprisingly some individuals do not keep note of is the content used for marketing has to be relevant to what the consumer is searching for online. We have to engage the audience by giving them what they are looking for through content marketing.

Diversity in Content

You need various marketing modes to be successful in reaching your targeted online consumer. This means you have to make sure you use differing marketing mediums to promote your content. The targeted consumer attention is decreasing with the increase in marketing mediums. Through content marketing, your main intent should be to capture their attention and retain it through quality content. There have been various evolutions that will be even more prominent in the future in content marketing, such as:

Interactive infographics that include relevant information

  • Content presented with relevant related imagery
  • Video content marketing for informative communication
  • Entertainingly creative eBooks
  • Serious content marketing in case study format

This makes the IT sector interesting and also challenging. Various modes of marketing content will become extinct, like all other modes of communication of the past (e.g. Fax Machine). However, new methodologies and approaches in content marketing will allow for better methods of improving the success of your efforts.

Social Media Communication

You have to figure out the best social networks for marketing your content to your target audience. A marketer has to be active on various marketing channels and be up to date with the information they provide. Your basic target is the increasing the spread of the content you are sharing with your target audience. You need the best content as the masses you appeal to on social networks are knowledgeable. Certain social networks are great to communicate with a given segment. Other networks prove handy in testing the waters for bringing about new ideas.

The key to content marketing is providing quality content in reader-friendly form on the right medium to the right audience. The methods and approaches of doing so are getting more complex with various innovations in online interaction. The manner in which we communicate effective content is also changing at regular intervals as changes in search engine algorithms are being made.